Ecology Breakfast Seminar – 25 October 2011

October 25, 2011

A breakfast master class on Ecology made a welcome change to my Tuesday morning.  When wandering London, it is all too easy to forget that wildlife exists and is a consideration in planning.  Even the pigeons in Trafalgar Square are gone.  The master class from ‘The Ecology Consultancy’ provided a useful snapshot of why ecology should be considered in the planning and construction process.  It highlighted key legislation and policies and gave details of timescales for undertaking necessary workstreams.  The seminar also acted as a stark reminder that without due care and attention, not only could there be a negative consequence to wildlife and their habitats in urban and rural locations, but also that applicants could face large fines, or worse, a criminal record! 

It wasn’t all doom and gloom however, as the presentation detailed practical and in-expensive opportunities to promote the delivery of wildlife habitats within the built environment to support proposals.  One example was the use of  bricks which can be used as bird houses for swifts in the construction process (see for more). 

The most important message from the seminar is that with careful consultation, negotiation and good planning, future developments can be attractive and functional for more than just humans!

written by Alison Coster

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