RTPI London Autumn Pub Quiz

November 15, 2011

Wednesday 9th November


60-odd planners from nine separate practices convened on the Blue Anchor pub (off Chancery Lane) to pit their wits and knowledge against one another in a bid to win chocolate and champagne.

The quiz kicked off with the first round; Sports. However, far from the oft-encountered plethora of cricket stats that can characterise these sections, this round was picture-based, with a series of composite photos of famous sportspeople (e.g. footballers) placed from head to toe in a manner reminiscent of the parlour game “heads, bodies and legs”. This was flowed by a round where the sport had to be identified from a picture, which included such wholesome activities as lawnmower racing, bog snorkelling and sheep racing.

By now the beer and wine were flowing nicely and the kitchen door in the blue Anchor was swinging open roughly every 30 seconds as a steady stream of chip baskets made their way to most of the tables – we subsequently managed to consume the pub’s entire chip stock. This led us on to the Entertainment round, followed by General Knowledge; did you know, for example, that the Beatles and the Rolling Stones played their only double bill at the Royal Albert Hall in 1963?

The final round was Built Environment which cut a swathe through the ranks of those who had or hadn’t read their most recent edition of Planning magazine thoroughly. By this point, in an absence of chips, people were moving on to nachos.

After this final round, we totted up the scores. The winners were “Section 10 s e x y”, from The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, who won themselves a bottle of champagne. In second place were TBC who won a box of Black Magic and JLL gained themselves a box of Quality Street for coming third. Pretty much everyone stayed for more drinks (and presumably nachos) and there was a satisfied buzz to the atmosphere.

While it is located in a large building, The Blue Anchor is itself quite a small pub, which perhaps contributed to the fact that the event was ludicrously oversubscribed and was out of spaces within about three days of its initial announcement. 

Watch out for a bigger RTPI London pub quiz in the new year. 


George Weeks

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