Review – WITH PRESENTATION: SJ Berwin Planning Law Update 2013

May 29, 2013

On Wednesday 22nd May 2013, SJ Berwin hosted their 6th Annual Planning Law Update for RTPI London. This year, the event was entitled ‘The Only Way is Eric’ and as always, it was a well attended and informative event.

The three key speakers: Simon Ricketts (Partner), Meeta Kaur (Associate) and recently recruited Partner Stephen Webb (see more about his appointment at Planning Resource) gave us a whistle-stop tour of a number of changes to planning legislation which have taken place over the past year, as well as imminent changes and current consultations.  The five topic areas were as follows:

1.  Amendments to CIL

2.  The Growth and Infrastructure Act and Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act

3.  Sound Development Plans

4.  Neighbourhood Planning

5.  Reforms to Judicial Review

Amendments to the CIL Regulations aim to address some of the teething problems.  Meeta Kaur highlighted the recent amendments that deal with Section 73 permissions and the “meaningful proportion” of CIL receipts that must be passed to parish councils and/or used for neighbourhood planning.

Stephen Webb took us through the changes to the Growth and Infrastructure Act and the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act.  SJ Berwin’s Blog provides an interesting read about these changes.

Simon Ricketts discussed the soundness of development plans and drew on some interesting recent case law.  You can read more about these in the slides from the event and also on SJ Berwin’s Blog.

Meeta Kaur took us through the building blocks of Neighbourhood Planning, drawing on some interesting issues that are emerging in practice.

Finally, Simon Ricketts took us through reforms to Judicial Review that seek to speed up the process and reduce the initial delay to development projects from 3 months to 6 weeks.  It was noted that changes to Legal Aid may see a reduction in applications for Judicial Review.

The evening closed with refreshments, an opportunity for networking and an excellent view across the river.

To download the evening’s presentation CLICK HERE

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