May 6, 2015

Planning Aid England (PAE) is looking to increase its services in the capital and in order to shape what services are offered, the region is looking to set up a Planning Aid England task group. We are looking for members to form this task group.

This is a chance as a volunteer to help inform future activities, opportunities and training for volunteers in London. It will help to enhance the Region’s support for PAE and to contribute to the wider strategy and approach not only in London but throughout England.

It is likely that we will initially meet monthly for circa 1.5 hours (in central London), this may reduce to two monthly meetings after the first few sessions. Tasks may include, inputting into the programme for PAE in London, organising training events for volunteers, putting forward proposals for projects PAE volunteers could support within the region and helping to raise the profile of PAE more widely. The task group will report directly to the Regional Management Board and Regional Activities Committee.

Any PAE or RTPI member is welcome to join and at this stage we are just looking to gather expressions of interest.If you are interested in joining (or have any questions) please do not hesitate to contact,

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