Good Design = Good Planning

“Good design is indivisible from good planning’ (The National Planning Policy Framework).

RTPI London teamed up with New London Architecture for a series of events to promote good urban design amongst London planning professions during 2012/13.

The key objectives of this series were:

  • To celebrate the role that planners play in achieving good design and raise confidence amongst members.
  • To discuss and debate the role that the planning profession must play in achieving good design.
  • To share best practice in planning for good design, raise awareness and skill levels amongst planners and other built environment professions.
  • To build links between RTPI and other urban design organisations in London.
  • To assist with RTPI members CPD requirements.

The campaign was launched during the London Festival of Architecture in June 2012.

Event reviews can be found here:

Launch event – June 2012

Seminar #1- September 2012

Young Planners Conference Pecha Kucha session

Seminar #2 – November 2012

Seminar #3 – March 2013

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