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FORTHCOMING EVENT: Planning for London’s Infrastructure: Waste Planning – Thursday 24th February 2015 @ 18:30

In 2015 RTPI London will host a series of events focused on different planning themes in London. One of the chosen themes is “Planning for London’s Infrastructure”. This is an opportunity to debate on the future planning issues surrounding the  infrastructure in the Capital. February’s event in the series considers the specialism of Waste Planning. […]

FORTHCOMING EVENT: Tall Buildings – up from the street – Tuesday 24th June

Skyscrapers – how do they fit with the urban grain? The effect of tall buildings on London’s skyline is under ever-increasing scrutiny, but what about their relationship with the streets and surroundings at ground level? Planners and designers have a key role in ensuring tall buildings are well integrated into their surroundings, but is this […]

FORTHCOMING EVENT: London Bridge and Borough Tour – Tuesday 10th June 2014

Southwark is a part of London which has an unusual history. From stinking marsh to urban edgeland, a haunt of bishops, prostitutes, brewers, actors, monks, tanners and dockers, its history is written in the complex and varied built environment of Borough. CgMs’s Associate Director of Historic Buildings will take you on a walk through the […]